Automated Cell Counter

QuantaCell is an automated cell counter that you can easily use in your laboratory with its small, fast, user-friendly solutions and clear user interface. With its unique optical design and image processing algorithm, QuantaCell can measure cell concentration, cell size distribution, and cell viability.

Optimized for user needs, QuantaCell eliminates the difficulties and subjectivity of manual cell counting. QuantaCell automatic cell counter is compatible with reusable counting slides and can be easily adapted to your laboratory. After the counting slide is placed in QuantaCell, motorized focus adjustment is made with a simple interface in QuantaCell application software, and cell counting results are obtained in less than 5 seconds after pushin the "Count" button. With a single button push, all results are stored in the computer.


HeLa Cell

High Analysis

QuantaCell can analyze cell viability by trypan blue staining. As a result of this analysis, total cell concentration, live cell concentration, dead cell concentration and viability rate values ​​are calculated automatically.


QuantaCell offers a high accuracy rate with its 8 MP camera and a wide view of 2.2 x 1.6 mm.

Cell Counting

Cell Viability Measurement

Reusable Slide

Fast Measurement

Hıgh Accuracy

High Resolution

Motorized Focus

Compact, Affordable Design

User-friendly User Interface

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